TaylorMade Fittings at McGolf!


At the intersection of experience and performance, TaylorMade Experiential Fittings combine the most advanced technologies available with the intricacies of a player’s swing to unify the golfer to their clubs. Taking decades of experience working with the best players on the PGA Tour and translating it to thousands of specific amateur swings, our certified fitters are the best in the business when it comes to discovering potential through optimizing equipment. 

Leave all of these factors to the expert club fitters and you can have the confidence you are playing with the equipment that is right for you.. Just like the Tour Players!

  • Length of a club is determined by a players hight and the length of a golfers arms
  • Grip size can affect how much a players hands are rotating through impact. If a player hooks the ball too much, they would lean toward a bigger grip. If a player slices the ball, they would lean toward a smaller grip.
  • The shaft is affects the trajectory and the amount of curvature on the ball. With the correct shaft in a golfers hands, they will have the ability to maximize their distance and gain more control on a consistent basis.
  • The lie angle has an big influence on the ball. If the lie angle on a players clubs are too flat, the ball will tend to miss to the right. If the lie of a players clubs are too upright, the shot will tend to miss left.
  • The loft of the clubs will affect the trajectory of the ball and the distance the ball goes. 



$25.00 ( This price will be refunded off any club you purchase ) Golf Balls included during the fitting

Fitting Dates 

Sunday May 26th 10 AM - 2 PM